2016 Foodie Trends

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 13 Jan, 2016

As we roll into 2016, there has already been an inevitable increase in the number of healthy food trends to emerge, performing their annual task of both informing us of the latest ‘superfoods’ and what health gurus around the world expect us to adopt in the coming months – as well as inducing a slice of guilt.

According to some of the guidelines issued thus far, it seems we will all be relegating last year’s food heroes, including kale, goji berries and wheatgrass, to the back of our cupboards, bringing the likes of farro, spelt and kamut (all ancient grains), aloe vera and matcha tea, to the very front.

However, it is a little unfair to assume that we’ll all want to try these trends, and one must consider the struggle the average customer might have in obtaining some of these ingredients. As a result, we thought to collate our own selection of healthy culinary options for 2016, especially since they’re all readily manageable in Montenegro:


We’ve long known the health benefits of mint, including its calming qualities. Mint is also a great palate cleanser, promotes digestion and is an appetite suppressant. It’s the perfect herb to keep hunger at bay this January (in case you have anything left from Christmas that is ever-tempting you to snack)


Try adding cayenne pepper and fresh chilli to your meals – but not just for that added kick. It is proven that spice quickens metabolisms (just look at Hollywood and their obsession with the cayenne and maple syrup diet), while studies have shown that spicy food can help keep one fuller for longer, in turn burning more calories


Pomegranates are among the healthiest fruits on earth and are often classed as a superfood thanks to their impressive nutrient profile. These robust red globes, packed full with tiny shimmering red seeds, are known to reduce heart disease and lower blood pressure (and are in abundance in Montenegro)


Slightly more obscure and off the beaten superfood track, is seaweed. This underwater plant doesn’t seem to want to go anywhere in the eyes of the ever-healthy. We can thank these nutrient-dense plants, that are rich in minerals from the sea, for their effort in keeping our metabolic rate on the right track. It is also absolutely delicious as a side dish. Worth a try, we reckon.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous 2016!

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