7th “Harmonika fest” held in Tivat 

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 16 Jun, 2017

Accordion players from eight countries competed at annual festival in Tivat.

More than 160 artists gathered in Tivat for 7th “Harmonika fest”, competition for accordion players, that was held in Tivat from 29-31 of May, supported by Luštica Development AD. The competition was officially closed with a concert at the Tivat Cultural Center, while orchestra from Kragujevac played for the visitors at Pine promenade.

 “Harmonika fest” participating artists were competing in following disciplines: Accordion solo, bands and chamber music, and there were more than 160 artists from eight countries who joined this year competition.

Upon decision of professional judges, first places for the accordion solo went into the hands of Vuk Vujacic for pre-category, Maid Bojadzic and Pavle Djuric in category I, Viktorija Tatic, Hristijan Ilijoski, Petar Balaban i Novica Negovanovic in category II, Toma Rujak and Dimitrije Knezevic in category III, Vladimir Andzic and Milos Tutic in category IV, Ante Selak, Milos Kralj i Nikola Bisevac in category V, Darko Kulevski, Kacper Batycki, Krzystof Polnik i Jovan Zecevic in category VI, Nikola Stojakovic, Stefan Dimitrijevic, Jovana Aleksic, MIljan Grahovac, Aleksa Cvetanovic, Milena Radovic in category VII, Veljko Milojkovic, Lukas Pieniazek and Nikola Sarkocevic in category VIII, and Dusan Ceganjac, Nikola Sunjevic and Bozidar Rajic in category IX.

SOSMO “Dara Cokorilo” orchestra won first prize in category II, while Kragujevac accordion orchestra won the first prize in category III, as sole competitors for this type of event. 

During the “Harmonika fest”, artists who were competing in chamber music discipline were also rewarded by the judges of this event: Rejmon Bodel, Jurij Siskin, Petar Maric, Vuk Jovanovic, Bojan Martinovic, Miroslav Ilic, Janos Pater, Vladimir Mandi and Miljan Bjeletic.

Winners also held a concert at great hall of “Gracija Petkovic”, after reward ceremony.

- This year’s festival was enriched with great musical program. We had a great concert at “Buca” gallery which was held by Petar Maric and Vuk Jovanovic, as well as by Vladimir Domazetovic. Jurij Siskin, who is considered the biggest artist with classical accordion, held a concert at Regent hotel, while accordion orchestra from Kragujevac, led by Bojan Spica, put quite a show at Pina promenade – said Predrag Jankovic, director of “Harmonika fest”.

He added that this year’s competition gathered some of the best artists in the world, who got a chance to showcase their talent.

-   We wish that this festival gathers wider audience every year, so they get a chance to hear some of these amazing artists. This year, there were 167 artists that were competing at “Harmonika fest”. Audience recognized that we gathered professional artists, and that is the key for bringing young talents to Tivat. This festival has a positive effect on quality of playing with our children in Montenegro – concluded Jankovic.

Last several years this festival was organized in Tivat, with support of Tivat municipality and Cultural Center of Tivat, and the contribution and support was this year obtained from Luštica Bay.

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