A day in Božović’s Garden

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 01 Mar, 2017
Majestic limestone mountains, undiscovered landscapes and serene blue Adriatic waters surrounds Montenegro’s meandering coastline, and its untouched scenery is home to some of the Balkan’s most exquisite species. While Kotor and Sveti Stefan has grown in popularity and has attracted hordes of tourists in recent years, few travel down the coast to the outskirts of the ancient town of Budva, where a delightful animal adventure awaits.
Step through Budva’s medieval archway and head 6 km north to the nearby village of Krapina to discover one of Montenegro’s best kept secrets. Božović’s Garden is an ideal place to spot an array of animals, great and small, in their natural habitat. Not only that, but visitors can travel back in time and explore the depths of the Balkan forest, where they can experience an authentic Montenegrin way of life. To access this glorious oasis, adventurers are led through quaint villages, small churches and picturesque scenery before arriving to Krapina’s quiet surroundings.
For the last 400 years, the Božović family has naturally cultivated and preserved the Krapina village as a traditional ethno village. Owned by the charming Mr. Gojko Božović and his family, all guests are welcomed to the main house, various restaurants, animal farm and zoo, known as Božović’s Garden. More commonly known as ‘Pojata’, the ethno village is part of Gojko’s vision to transform the existing land into one of the country’s most naturally kept destinations by using locally-sourced materials to restore the complex to how it once looked to generations past.
The fauna and flora co-exist harmoniously in Božović’s Garden. Guests can expect to milk cows, collect newly hatched chicken and duck eggs, and discover the array of animals - including donkeys, rabbits, cats, dogs and horses to wild boars and even a small crocodile - that call the gardens home. Also make sure to explore Pojata’s restaurant where food is sourced from the comfort of its own back yard. Running through the family land is a small river with a lake and fish pond, where Carp, eel and trout, picked by Mr. Božović himself, serve as the restaurant’s catch of the day.
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