A Day in Dubrovnik

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 02 Sep, 2016

“Those who seek paradise on Earth should come to Dubrovnik”.


George Bernard Shaw could not describe it any better. Founded in the 7th century, the mix of medieval, gothic, renaissance and Baroque architecture sets Dubrovnik apart from other, modern Baltic cities.

Surrounded by impressive historical walls and alluring crystal clear waters, this mystifying town is an ideal spot for a day trip, and offers endless opportunities to meander along Croatia’s beautiful Dalmatian coast. Despite its reputation as a party destination, Dubrovnik is full of natural and ancient charms. Walk through the town, and admire its archaic walls, marble floors and water fountains. It’s easy to see why this coastal town was one of the locations chosen to film parts of   Game of Thrones.   Venturing down the little alleyways alone will enchant you.

However, it is not just   Game of Thrones   enthusiasts, A-list Celebrities, or   The Yacht Week   partygoers that are enchanted by Dubrovnik’s alluring surroundings. For cultural enthusiasts, the Old Town is the epicentre for all things Dalmatian. For many, it is the most interesting and, dare we say it, attractive part of Dubrovnik. Let the maze-like romantic Stradun pavements, the smell of aromatic herbs, and the local chatter along the narrow streets take you on an unforgettable journey through the centuries.

After strolling along the 300 metre long Stradun pathway, take in the breathtaking Adriatic views atop the 412 metre Mount Srdj, adorned by the ancient Fort Imperial. If you are a   Game of Thrones   fan, take a 2km hike around the city walls, starting at the Old Town’s Ploce gate, to discover your very own King’s Landing, before continuing on to the Rector’s Palace to watch traditional Slavic performances inside the palatial atrium. Another must-see is the Museum of Croatian War Independence, which highlights the suffering the Croats endured during the Yugoslav Wars in the ‘90s, and how Dubrovnik has since become one of Europe’s prime tourist destinations.
For those looking for some sun, sea and sand, Banje Beach is arguably the hippest place in Dubrovnik. As the town’s most famous pebble and sand beach, Banje is filled with celebrities and other A-listers during the summer months. Sun worshippers can relax on the deck chairs and sip on a CROcktail (Croatia’s new, national cocktail!) whilst adorning the old city walls. Alternatively, the secluded Sv Jakov Beach is also a local favourite, while the family-friendly Copacabana Beach, although slightly further out to the Babin Kuk peninsula, is the perfect place to enjoy shallow waters and limitless water sports.

Of course, any beach day should end with a traditional Adriatic meal. Dubrovnik is home to a cluster of restaurants along its coast, so treat yourself to some delicious local delicacies, such as  brancin  (sea bass), lignje  (squid), skampi  (langoustines) and some jastog  (lobster), topped off with a glass or two of locally-sourced Malvasia wine.

Whether you’re looking for an alternative beach to soak up the sunshine, a cultural experience to remember, or simply somewhere to stop off en route to Lustica Bay from Dubrovnik’s Čilipi Airport, this town has it all. Dubrovnik is the ideal destination for a day trip.

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