A guide to yoga retreats in Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 14 Feb, 2017

The calm, serene waters along Montenegro's coasts are blessed with exceptional beauty, untouched nature and year-round balmy temperatures. The same can be said for its yoga retreats, with Boka Bay providing the ideal safe haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Yoga retreats have been popping up in and around the Luštica peninsula, with new offerings already transforming the region into a haven of peace and serenity. With Reiki, Pranayama and Shamanism providing an alternative to hiking, skiing and mountain biking, Montenegro is fast becoming an ideal destination for weekend retreats encapsulating all things wellness.


For those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the smooth flowing postures, Ayurveda nutrition and sumptuous scenery at these tranquil retreats will help switch off and stimulate the mind, body and soul.


With more visitors flocking to Montenegro’s shores than ever, there has been a steady increase in demand for all things wellbeing. Senso Di Cattaro and Monte Bay Retreat are paving the way for health programmes and retreats, which is becoming more popular in Montenegro.

Senso di Cattaro

Yoga and healthy lifestyle is an aspect to local Montenegrin life that Senso Di Cattaro promotes on a daily basis. Surrounded by mountains on the waterfront in Dobrota, Senso Di Cattaro offers guests beautiful nature, a clean environment and healthy organic food.

Senso Di Cattaro’s journey began 10 years ago, when the founder, Anna, moved from London to Montenegro and opened a hotel in the nearby Palazzo Radomiri. 7 years ago, Anna saw a gap in the market for opening a health retreat in Montenegro, so she started to open a series of pop-up yoga retreats by various teachers. Over time, the pop-ups grew into what is now Senso Di Cattaro, with regular sessions by specialist Chi Gong and Ninjitsu masters, to vinyasa flow and hatha yoga instructors.

Yoga classes, such as Yin, Prenatal, Pranayama, Self Awakening and Restorative, run daily, along with various body treatments including massages and scrubs. Workshops are connected to healthy lifestyle, from raw food cooking and making your own natural cosmetics to learning reflexology, and many more. A professional wellness expert is invited to Senso Di Cattaro yearly to demonstrate and teach new skills to anyone interested in learning the art of detoxing. This year, the retreat is focusing on the Detox Massage and Yumeiho Therapy, and will provide a series of retreats, workshops and guest speakers to promote this.

What makes Senso Di Cattaro unique is the location, quality of air, privacy and sustainability, and its surroundings create a special microclimate where a mixture of mountain and sea air will benefit anyone from asthmatic sufferers to city dwellers.

Although Kotor is only a 10-minute drive away, Dobrota, (which translates as Goodness), has a long history with providing an escape for the discerning traveller. Since Venetian Rule, local noble families have built vacation houses along Dobrota. Senso Di Cattaro is located in one of these Palazzos, an ancient building re-purposed with attention to detail and offering one of Montenegro’s prime wellness retreats.

For more information, please visit http://sensodicattaro.com/

Monte Bay Retreat

Founded by Saša Ilić, Monte Bay is a wellness retreat in Perast, where luxury and adventure go hand in hand. Guest wellbeing is at the heart of all detox programmes offered by Saša and his dedicated team, with the aim of making you as comfortable, relaxed and stress free as possible. Upon arrival, all guests are greeted by their very own butler, 24-hour luxury concierge, and pre-paid mobile phone. Whether it be a massage by the pool, luxury facial or indulgent body treatments, all requests made day or night will be fulfilled… with pleasure!

The Monte Bay experience is a 7-day detoxification consisting of a guided juice fast, followed by a 3-day raw food immersion by Monte Bay’s in-house chef, Federica Rotta. Split between 7 days are a series of juicing, nutrition, and raw food cooking workshops, as well as documentaries guiding guests through the experience, and informing them of the benefits of detoxing and wellness. Guests can enjoy inner peace with vinyasa flow and meditation guided by specialist teachers, along with personal training sessions overlooking Boka Bay.

Although Monte Bay offers a detoxing programme to clear the mind and capture the senses, the retreat’s true passion is to help all guests discover the undiscovered natural beauty of Boka Bay. From exploring Perast’s winding cobbled streets to abseiling gorges along Lake Skadar, indulge on Montenegro’s natural beauty with a series of tours by Saša himself. If your energy levels stand a bit higher, try hiking in Lovćen’s rocky mountains, watersports or wine tasting at the many vineyards surrounding Kotor’s old town walls.

Saša has long recognised the benefits of wellbeing. As such, Monte Bay also provides a number of in-house services, including manicures and beauty treatment, alongside its week long detoxing programme. Combined with rooms named after Montenegro’s largest mountains and popular leisure destinations, and stunning veranda views over its vast pool, guests will leave Monte Bay feeling refreshed, replenished and rejuvenated.

For more information, please visit here http://montebayretreat.com/

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