A Montenegrin Winter’s Dream

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 26 Jan, 2017
With a contrast of mild, pleasant weather and a scenic backdrop of snow-capped mountains, Montenegro in the winter is a truedelight to be waiting to be ventured. 
Surrounded by icy glacial lakes and pearly white pastures, the Luštica peninsula is home to some of the most stunning peaks in Montenegro’s black mountains at this time of year. A winter’s tour through Montenegro’s torrential mountains consists of carving your own tracks on snowshoes or ski’s, or for first-timers seeking views of the sea, you’ll never have to look far to see crisp waters, as it’s always over the next peak.
Filled with river valleys and mountain villages, a must-visit is the nearby Lovćen National Park, where meandering pistes paves the way to its two peaks;Štirovnik and Jezerskivrh. Alternatively, absorb the changing moods of the Adriatic along the chillyTrašte and Kotor bays.
Whether you’ve spent the day snowshoeing, skiing, or sliding down the mountainous Lovćen peaks, reward yourself to a glass of mulled wine, brandy, or the ultimate local après ski aperitif, Rakija, to warm up the coldest of days.
Stretching mountains, serene beauty and acres of untouched landscapes are what define Montenegro as a hidden winter destination on the Adriatic. Prepare to be captured by the varying sub-zero temperatures, welcoming cultural and challenging downhill pursuits.
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