An Introduction to the Development of Luštica Bay: With Omar Farid

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 27 Feb, 2013

In a recent interview with Luštica Bay’s Head of Planning and Design, Omar Farid, we take a look into the planning, design, construction and the sustainable future of this groundbreaking development.

What do you think makes life at   Luštica   Bay different to other developments in the country?

A sense of place, authenticity, community, and comfort. Luštica Bay is to be a vibrant town and a home away from home where residents do not just simply own property but actively participate in the life and growth of the development.

Describe the terrain and location of   Luštica   Bay?

The Luštica Bay site encircles the stunning beauty of the Adriatic Sea coastline and is set against the backdrop of a steeply sloping hillside and dramatic mountains beyond.

A natural vantage and bridging point from the open sea to Tivat Bay, one can see why this has been a strategic military site dating back from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. The area’s rich and diverse history coupled with its natural beauty make Luštica Bay an ideal destination.

What type of buyers / residents are you expecting at   Luštica   Bay?

Since Luštica Bay offers a variety of different products, an array of attractions, and a series of services and amenities, I would also expect this project to attract a wide range of clients. From older couples looking to take it easy, or young families starting their lives in a healthy and safe environment. Adventure junkies interested in the abundant nature sports and activities, entrepreneurs seeking the business potentials of this virgin market and those looking for an alternative holiday destination away from the crowds. Or even someone like me establishing my career away from the major urban centres that we are all used to and looking to make a positive contribution to the development of this small country.

How long has the planning of   Luštica   Bay been underway?

We have currently been actively planning Luštica Bay with a team on the ground for about two years now. With the long-term vision and approach in mind, it is safe to say that the planning and evolution of Luštica Bay will continue for many years to come.

In your role as Head of Planning and Design, what signature design features set   Luštica   Bay apart?

I would have to say its sensitivity to the site and its spectacular natural surroundings.

How will homeowners at   Luštica   Bay be able to immerse themselves into local life?

Whether it is sampling some of the organic produce at our green market, hiking through a myriad of historic trails, or just simply sitting in a café and sipping on the local Rakija, one does not need to go far to immerse themselves in the relaxed coastal life.

What do you think is Monetenegro’s best kept secret?

The local red wine. My favourite red wine is Vranac, this is the local grape variety.

What is your favourite local meal and which is your favourite local restaurant?

Brodet, which is classic Dalmatian seafood stew, enjoyed at the fish restaurant at Hotel Mogren, located on Budva’s main square. This is a great place to eat because as well as the excellent choice of seafood specialities, the restaurant also offers a good choice of meat dishes and a wide variety of local and imported wines. Its location in bustling Budva also makes it an ideal place to head in the evening.

The restaurant is open from June to October, from 15:00 until 24:00.

Address: Hotel Mogren Budva,   Mediteranska 1 .

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