Get ready for Tivat's culture month

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 13 Nov, 2017

As we are approaching the New Year, Boka Bay is slowly getting in the celebration mood. 

Municipality of Tivat is first of Boka Bay’s cities that is organizing a series of events to mark the beginning of festivities throughout the country. For the upcoming Municipality day, the town of Tivat has, with the help of Tourism Board of Tivat and Cultural center of Tivat, prepared a rich whole month programme of various events.

Montenegro's symphony orchestra

These celebrations will last until the end of November, and are better known as “November days of Tivat 2017”. Events have already started with the traditional visits to the Church of Saint Srdj, as well as the atelier “Slaby”, which were led by kid’s caravan.

The Mountain drama play

During the month of November, visitors will get a chance to enjoy in a numerous theatre plays, including “Gorska Drama” (The Mountain Drama) performed by the Cultural center of Tivat, as well as in “Jesenja sonata” (Autumn Sonata) presented by the famous Atelje 212 from Belgrade. Also, organisers are preparing a lot of sports tournaments, so prepare to cheer for your favorite football, basketball, and bocce teams!

Sailing club “Delfin” is in charge for organizing a regatta, that will see all the clubs from Kotor and Herceg Novi coming to Tivat to compete on 26th of November.

The tail of fisherman and the fish puppet show

Since this festival is mostly dedicated to the children of Boka Bay and Montenegro, it is entirely expected that the last day of the programme, will be completely focusing on them. On November 30th, they will get the chance to enjoy in the play “Bajka o ribaru i ribici” (The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish) at 17:00 o’clock, with the closing event, being held at “Buća” gallery.

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