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By Luštica Bay 25 Apr, 2017
One of Montenegro’s many attractions is the Adriatic coastline (300km) that is beautifully decorated with preserved historic towns and several popular beaches.

The Luštica peninsula has plenty to offer in terms of its cosy coves, sandy beaches and secluded swimming spots, to mention a few. Having remained untouched in comparison to other areas of Montenegro, the southern side of the peninsula boasts an indented coastline and crystal clear waters.

So why not steer away from Montenegro’s tourist hotspots in a chartered yacht, and discover some of Montenegro’s hidden gems with us?

First stop… Sveti Marco, a pilgrim’s delight

Only a stone’s throw away from Tivat airport and further along the coast from Luštica, explorers can discover the wonders of Sveti Marco, before heading to the Miholjska Prevlaka (Isle of Flowers). Here lies an architectural dream, and the remains of a former monastery.
By Luštica Bay 10 Apr, 2017
We had the chance to speak with Mr. Clement Koh, Senior Vice President in Sales & Marketing at GHM Hotels.

LB: Please can you tell us a bit more about GHM Hotels?

CK: Established in 1992, GHM (General Hotel Management Ltd.) is known for conceptualising, developing and operating an exclusive group of hotels and resorts. With an intimate portfolio and more projects in the pipeline, GHM prides itself in providing guests with an unrivalled lifestyle experience. Each GHM property is an original. A symbiotic relationship between the hotel and the local culture enables GHM to provide guests with a genuine, close-up experience of the best each destination has to offer. The signature GHM style melds contemporary interpretations of Asian designs and distinctive local touches to create inspired, memorable spaces.

In addition to these, GHM has joined with like-minded partners and entered into meaningful collaborations to deliver innovative brands, continuing its legacy of setting new benchmarks of excellence in the hospitality industry. One such prime example is Ahn Luh - a brand that combines the essence of Old World Chinese hospitality in today’s context of contemporary elegance, reflecting in its service, architectural design and interior décor, how tradition and modernity can intertwine to present an original, urban resort concept.

LB: How will The Chedi be different to other luxury hotels in Montenegro?

CK: As with every other destination in which GHM had conceived and developed a resort or hotel in, The Chedi Lustica Bay will ultimately be, in itself, a ‘destination within the destination’. Notwithstanding the many fine hotels and resorts in Montenegro, we are confident that The Chedi will raise the benchmark and create an entirely unprecedented resort experience. GHM has always prided itself on being able to artfully blend the very best cultural and historical elements of any particular destination with our very own signature Asian contemporary touches. Just as we had successfully combined Alpine and Asian chic to launch and enshrine The Chedi Andermatt as the Best Hotel in Switzerland, we will deliver likewise with The Chedi Lustica Bay project and make it the undisputed luxury resort in Montenegro.
By Luštica Bay 29 Mar, 2017

Did you know that 60% of Montenegro’s land is more than 1,000m above sea level? With breathtaking views and incredible trails, Montenegro’s mountains offer explorers an adventure like no other!

 As your navigator for the day, follow us on a virtual tour as we explore Montenegro the rustic way!

By Luštica Bay 01 Mar, 2017
Majestic limestone mountains, undiscovered landscapes and serene blue Adriatic waters surrounds Montenegro’s meandering coastline, and its untouched scenery is home to some of the Balkan’s most exquisite species. While Kotor and Sveti Stefan has grown in popularity and has attracted hordes of tourists in recent years, few travel down the coast to the outskirts of the ancient town of Budva, where a delightful animal adventure awaits.
By Luštica Bay 21 Feb, 2017
Home to some of the most exciting birding destinations, either in the hidden mountains or along the sea coast, birds native to Montenegro can survive in varying landscapes; from bare alpine terrain, rocky areas and pastures to coniferous forests, southern European and sub-Mediterranean forests, and, finally, Mediterranean vegetation.

With over 300 bird species, including the Rock Partridge, Baillon’s Crake, Pygmy Cormorant, Little Bittern and Scoops Owl, that call Montenegro home, the observation of birds at Montenegro’s best nature spots is a true delight to behold.

By Luštica Bay 14 Feb, 2017

The calm, serene waters along Montenegro's coasts are blessed with exceptional beauty, untouched nature and year-round balmy temperatures. The same can be said for its yoga retreats, with Boka Bay providing the ideal safe haven for relaxation and rejuvenation.


Yoga retreats have been popping up in and around the Luštica peninsula, with new offerings already transforming the region into a haven of peace and serenity. With Reiki, Pranayama and Shamanism providing an alternative to hiking, skiing and mountain biking, Montenegro is fast becoming an ideal destination for weekend retreats encapsulating all things wellness.


For those looking to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, the smooth flowing postures, Ayurveda nutrition and sumptuous scenery at these tranquil retreats will help switch off and stimulate the mind, body and soul.


With more visitors flocking to Montenegro’s shores than ever, there has been a steady increase in demand for all things wellbeing. Senso Di Cattaro and Monte Bay Retreat are paving the way for health programmes and retreats, which is becoming more popular in Montenegro.

By Luštica Bay 26 Jan, 2017
With a contrast of mild, pleasant weather and a scenic backdrop of snow-capped mountains, Montenegro in the winter is a truedelight to be waiting to be ventured. 
By Luštica Bay 08 Nov, 2016

The Adriatic coast boasts panoramic views, must-visit beaches and vineyards, unforgettable food and, of course, wine. Stretching from Venice to Corfu, it’s always an experience that you never want to end. What better way to luxuriate on this coastline than to sail it?

The intense, blue sea, framed by breath-taking mountains is the perfect backdrop for all activities in Montenegro. Sailing is just one of many opportunities in Montenegro for visitors to explore villages soaked in culture and history to fit around your jam-packed schedule. Herceg Novi, Budva and Kotor are just a few locations favoured by locals and tourists alike.

By Luštica Bay 30 Sep, 2016

London-based landscape photographer, Tim Hall, recently exhibited his ‘Montenegro Landscapes’ fine art photography exhibition at Lu š tica Bay.

Here’s a Q&A with the man behind showcasing the stunning images from the depths of Montenegro’s mountains

By Luštica Bay 29 Sep, 2016

Over the past year, Ivan Marinović has been busy preparing for his debut into production with his inaugural film,  The Black Pin . Sponsored by Luštica Bay, as part of our ongoing commitment to local talent,  Living Montenegro  readers may already be familiar with Ivan, as we previously featured a  Q&A  with him last year during pre-production.

On 15th September, Luštica Bay hosted a spectacular event to showcase Ivan’s splendid film, which was first screened at this year’s Sarajevo Film Festival. Set in the Luštica Peninsula,  The Black Pin  is a typical Balkan comedy – combined with wit and humour and gorgeous landscapes.

Watch the trailer here:

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