Christmas festivities and traditions in Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 23 Dec, 2014
The Orthodox Christmas, as for festive periods world over is full of merriment, joy, feasting and plenty of traditions! However all this occurs in a slightly different manner as Christmas in Montenegro is traditionally celebrated in January, with Christmas Eve falling on the 6th   of January, when all the preparations and excitement begins!
The custom of badjnak: this centuries-old sweet tradition is a staple Balkan Christmas custom. Traditionally, the patriarch of the household goes into the woods and finds a Yule Log and on Christmas Eve the badjnak is laid as the first and main part of the fire, which will burn throughout Christmas Day.

The well-wishers:   good wishes are brought by neighbours and friends who visit in the morning, wishing Christmas merriment and to bring luck they stoke the fire made by the badnjak to produce more sparks which symbolise good luck!

Eating and drinking: as with families world wide, Christmas in Montenegro involves a big feast where all the family comes together and homemade dishes such as roast pork and lamb are enjoyed in the company of loved ones. Lots of feasting and festive games always warrants a bit of downtime and so families tend to settle down by the fire and drink fine Montenegrin wines such as vranac and for something more warming, delicious hot šljivovica (plum brandy).

The many traditions and festivities of a Montenegrin Christmas are a token of the regions amazing culture and heritage and create a wonderfully atmospheric festive season.

The  Luštica Bay  team wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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