Corporate Social Responsibility

Luštica Development AD not only aims to strengthen the unique identity of the Luštica Peninsula, but to strengthen Montenegro as a whole. Our sustainable, integrated approach to land use, preserves the area’s rich cultural and ecological heritage while ensuring we contribute positively to the surrounding communities. We seek to balance and enrich economic, ecological and social aspects at every stage of the project.

Community Collaboration

Luštica Development AD implements corporate social responsibility programmes through organic collaboration with local government, suppliers, community organisations, ecological groups and local residents. We have particularly close ties with our nearest neighbourhoods, the villages of Krtoli and Radovići, with the development of Luštica Bay simultaneously ensuring a commitment to their development. 

Our collaborative work generates new jobs, creates additional resources and provides a lasting infrastructure for the area. So far Luštica Development AD has contributed nearly Euro 1,200,000 in supporting a wide range of community organisation and events. This include arts and sports initiatives, medical and education services and care for the environment.
This innovative approach allows us to realise our sustainable vision - integrating with and giving back to the wider community. A synergetic cycle that will continue to grow stronger as Luštica Bay evolves.

Long-term commitment

Luštica Development AD not only works with local communities and groups, but also pledges a lasting commitment to the Luštica Peninsula as a developer, investor and operator. With a long-term approach, based on principles of sustainability, we aim to positively impact the economy and infrastructure of the country, while leaving the smallest footprint on the land. It is our intention that the fully-integrated foundations of Luštica Bay will provide a town for generations to come.


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