Discovering Montenegro’s Traditional Konobas

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 02 Jul, 2015
When visiting Montenegro, it’s only natural to want to try the local delicacies. Influenced by the stunning and diverse geography of its own land, as well as the neighbouring Mediterranean and Balkans, Montenegrin cuisine is as diverse as it is delicious.

The best place to get a true and traditional taste of Montenegro is at the popular, tavern-like ‘konobas’, which are found just about everywhere throughout the country, although mainly along the coastline. Just like an Italian Trattoria, konobas are often family-run affairs, offering delectable homemade regional dishes and specialities at reasonable prices. The warm welcome found in all of them are matched by the quaint decorations and motifs found throughout, with some including displays of old musical instruments or fishing nets which hang from ceilings.

One of our favourite Konobas, located near Kotor, is Konoba Bokeski Gusti.

Situated on the water’s edge, this family-run, boutique restaurant prides itself on serving a wondrous array of homemade food. In the summer months, expect overflowing amounts of fresh, local fish and seafood aplenty in almost every course. All can be washed down with the delicious red wine served in carafes along the table – wine made by the konoba owners themselves.
Food here arrives in gargantuan portions, all served on charming gingham cloth-ed tables. This konoba is particularly special because it also comes replete with a mini pier that juts elegantly out into the water. Therefore, in the summer diners tuck into their hearty fare surrounded by the beautifully still emerald water and moored boats gently undulating on the surface of the water. The awesome verdant mountains frame every view, while local bands provide a further characteristic flair with their music.

Authentic, yet informal, konobas are the best place to sample the varied and mouth-watering Montenegrin cuisine. If you’re ever looking for an evening filled with music, laughter and a journey through the very best of Adriatic cuisine, Konoba Bokeski Gusti will welcome you with open arms (and vast portions).

Konoba Bokeski Gusti
Prčanj b.b. 85330 Kotor
+382 67 864 313

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