Luštica Bay and golf - a special kind of love

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 27 Jun, 2017

Summer is here, and that means it’s time for golf! 

All golf lovers couldn’t wait for warmer weather so they can grab their gear setsand hit the driving range in Luštica Bay. Officially opened on 15th of June, our driving range already drawn big crowd of golf lovers, who could enjoy practicing their swing with a breathtaking view at the Boka bay.

For the ones who have a love for golf but not the skills to play it, there is a professional golf instructor on site, who will help interested parties with learning basic moves. Our instructor Alward Esriel – Dany is present on site from Monday to Friday 18h-20h, and he is available for lessons with starting price of 20e per hour.

For the ones who couldn’t wait for our golf course to open, Luštica Bay organized a tournament in Belgrade, Serbia for third consecutive year. Luštica Bay Golf Challenge 2017 gathered more than 40 golf lovers in three categories, who competed in three Categories (A, B, C).

Damir Baralic was an absolute winner of the tournament with 16.1 EGA HCP, while Dragana Rakovic beat the competition in woman’s category with 19.3 EGA HCP. Milos Krdzic claimed first place at Category A on Luštica Bay Golf Challenge 2017 (16.8 EGA HCP), while second place went to Darko Jovanovic (16.4 EGA HCP), and third to Aleksandar Flandjunis (11.3 EGA HCP).

Terzic Nevena was first at Category B (22 EGA HCP), second place was claimed by Branislav Ckrkic (21.8 EGA HCP) and third one by Svetlana Randjic (24.4 EGA HCP). At Category C first place was claimed by Vojislav Krstic (30.5 EGA HCP) , second by Dejan Babic (35 EGA HCP), and the third by Vojislav Ristovic (34.6 EGA HCP) .

When it comes to golf competitions in Luštica Bay this summer, the opening competition for this season is scheduled for 30th of June at 5PM.

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