Green Culture Forum 2017 at Luštica Bay

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  • 09 Jun, 2017

The Green Culture Forum 2017 was officially opened last night in Luštica’s Bay Marina Village.

The Green Culture Forum 2017 which will be held from 7-11 June in eight Montenegrin town, was officially opened last night in Luštica’s Bay Marina Village. The opening reception featured official speeches by founder of the foundation Petrović-Njegoš -  Prince Nikola II Petrović-Njegoš, the Orascom Development Holding Board Chairman Samih Sawiris, Luštica Development CEO Darren Gibson, the Minister of Sustainable Development and Tourism Pavle Radulović, NGO Krug Creative Director Vesna Sokolovska Jovićević, Mayor of Tivat Municipality Snežana Matijević, as well as Marc Buckley, a Green culture activist.

Ahead of the event, symbolic olive trees planting was organized in Maslina cluster in the Marina Village,  and a smart solar bench were installed on the territory of the Luštica Bay project. This activities were organised by Luštica Development, in cooperation with+ NGO Krug and as part of Luštica Bay overall landscaping plans.

Vesna Sokolovska Jovicevic - NGO Krug's Creative Director

- Thanks to a great group of people gathered around this project, we got a chance to organize this festival in eight Montenegrin cities. We are very happy that Luštica Bay has recognised the importance of this mission and we started our collaboration last year, and this year in addition of hosting our welcome reception, for which we are very grateful, we will plant the trees which were substituted during construction of Luštica Bay. We have to rise awareness about climate changes because it’s important how we leave this world not only for our children, but for their children as well – stated Vesna Sokolovska Jovicevic at the keynote speech.

Samih Sawiris, Chairman of Orascom

Samih Sawiris, Chairman of Orascom also stated that it’s very important how we treat the world around us, and that we just have to do better.

I hope that in Montenegro will also come a law that says that every company has to work with some kind of NGO for making this world a better place. I remember when we were working on our hotel in Switzerland that our machines were working on CO2 natural gases for which we got a lot of praise in media, and I think that should also be in the law. We have to do everything that’s in our power to save nature, and I find it very symbolic that we will plant a new tree for every green surface that was destroyed during construction of Luštica Bay.

Marc Buckley, speaker and promoter of Green Culture Forum 2017

Marc Buckley, speaker and promoter of Green Culture Forum 2017, also addressed the audience, stating that results of this program are getting world-wide attention.

This year we have 16 speakers from 16 different countries, who will speak at this festival, and we really have to listen to what they have to say. Before I came here I was in Milano, where I talked with ex-president Barack Obama about this problems, and he was very interested to listen about this festival also which is getting a world-wide attention. Some of my other friends like Leonardo DiCaprio and Elon Musk are constantly asking about Montenegro and what is happening here, so you know you are on the right way. Luštica is truly amazing, and I hope more companies will follow your lead in sustainable development.

Prince Nikola II Petrovic Njegos

Prince Nikola II Petrovic Njegos, who is traditionally one of the official forum speakers, had a lot to say about climate changes today, and ecological problems throughout the world.

We need to change development models, the way of life, the production processes. In short, we need to change our system of values towards green culture - said Petrovic.

Throughout the design and development of Luštica Bay, developing the land bank of 690 hectares space, the company has painstakingly worked to preserve and sustain the beauty of the development’s natural environment. From economic, to ecological, to social factors Luštica Bay is committed to developing a sustainable town and community. A development covering a very small footprint of the total area, green construction methods, energy efficient architecture and cooperation with local communities and businesses, have all contributed to a responsible design that is consistent with The Parliament of the Republic on Montenegro’s “Declaration of the ecological state of Montenegro” (September 20, 1991).

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Upcoming activities during Green Culture Forum 2017

In the coming days, the visitors of the forum activities taking place throughout the country will have the opportunity to hear more about the worldwide sustainability practices and challenges from the renowned speakers and participants of the forum.

David Buckland, Art photographer, writer and the founder of the leading eco-art organisation Cape Farewell and Minister Janko Ljumović will be speaking about Climate Changes and Cultural Sector – Optimism for Future on Thursday, 8th of June at the Ministry of Culture in Cetinje. On the same day, German philosopher Melusine Reimers will speak about minimalism and new ethical standards i.e. startups as innovative triggers, at Tehnopolis in Nikšić. Alina Avercenkova from London School of Economics will be GFC’s guest at the Ministry of Sustainable Development and she will hold a lecture on sustainable development policies around the world and about post-COP21 meeting held in Paris in 2015.

The lecture will be held on the occasion of the National Sustainable Development Strategy until 2030. Marc Buckley, an activist, futurist and speaker will hold a lecture on new paradigms of sustainable business from the perspective of UN sustainable development goals at the Hilton hotel in Podgorica, the capital. Students from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Cetinje, headed by Macedonian academic painters Dijana Radevska Tomić and Marta Mojseva will be painting the Mural Avenue from 8th  to 11th  June at Ada Bojana.They will also attend art recycling workshops which use old weaving and papier mache techniques. Solar panels, hydrogen cells and wind turbines workshop will be held by Viktoria Nestor, the Physics Department chairman at the Hasmonean High School, London, UK. The workshop will be held on Friday, 9 June, at the Kralj Nikola’s castle in Bar
Prince Nikola II Petrovic Njegos and Head of Sales and Marketing Ruediger Fleige

On the same day, presentation of sustainable development of the Municipality of Ulcinj will be held at Ada Bojana. Same evening, at 8 pm, American musicians Eva Fekete and Fontaine Burnett will hold a concert to support the Green Culture mission. The last two days of the forum will include several events: a lecture titled How Did We Feed 9,000 Refugees in the Calais Refugee Camp in France, held by Leon Arts, founder of the empathy restaurant concept; music team building workshops held by Eva Fekete and Fontaine Burnett; presentation of Plants’ Music held by Italian Tigrile Gardenie; pre-premiere of the documentary In This Climate, featuring the Green Culture ambassador and artist Marina Abramovic.

The event will also include cleaning of the Ada Bojana beach, which will be implemented by NGO “Naša Akcija” and the Njegoš scout organisation from Podgorica. Also, for the fourth time, the Eco Kids children’s workshop will be held by Vahid Nimanbedu and Jetlir Kovaci, will be part of the event closing.

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