History of KotorArt - one of the most important festivals in Kotor

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 04 Jul, 2017

KotorArt is one of the traditional festivals in Kotor, that originates from 1987.

The idea about the KotorArt Festival originates from the 1980’s , when Kotor was bustling with programmes by some of the best theatre artist from all parts of Yugoslavia.

Ljubiša Ristić, Rade Šerbedžija, Nada Kokotović, Ana Kostovska, Miodrag – Brik Krivokapić, and many others were headliners of 1986/87 festival with plays such as Molière’s “Don Juan” and “School for women”, Shakespeare’s “Richard III”, Anderson’s “Snow queen”, Jovanovic’s “Liberating Skopje” …  

During these summer months Kotor, which was still devastated from an earthquake that took place just some years ago, started to thrive as an excellent hotspot for adventurers. Unfortunately, idea wasn’t saved, and KotorArt wasn’t institutionalized that year. During the clashes between Yugoslav countries in 1993,Kotor, with help from Ministry of Culture of Serbia and Montenegro, established Foundation for Children’s Theatre of Kotor. It was 10 years later, namely in 2002 that the NGO KotorArt was founded with an idea to establish the programme as the main music festival in Kotor.

In 2008, with unification of all relevant festivals in Kotor, KotorArt  started to exist in the format we know it for nowadays. Festival revived the idea and the vision that Kotor’s streets should be overwhelmed with art. Today, nine years after, KotorArt is one of the most composite festivals in the country and it’s proclaimed to be a festival of national importance. At the same time, it is well known world-wide, within circles of international artists and wider audience.

One of the constant objectives of KotorArt is to develop Kotor’s identity, and to enrich its heritage with creating art that is alive.

KotorArt wishes to position itself as an organisation that uses space as a place for creating art and to oppose modern dominance which threatens to transform Kotor into typical tourist attraction. . Through meaningful theatre plays, concerts, art shops and philosophic debates under the clear skies, KotorArt wants to bring back the reminiscence of old times, when art was the most important thing in this city.

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