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By Luštica Bay 12 Jan, 2018

One too many chocolates and Christmas film marathons on the sofa have us pledging to be healthier in the New Year. At Luštica Bay health and wellness are at the heart of the community being created. Our modern facilities and open spaces encourage residents to explore and stay active, here are just a few ways we enjoy keeping fit at Luštica Bay.

By Luštica Bay 19 Dec, 2017

Throughout his career, Predrag Vuckovic was a lead photographer on over 450 different sports events, in over 70 countries, with biggest sport stars. His style and approach to modern photography differentiate him from other photographers, not only in region, but across the world.

By Luštica Bay 11 Dec, 2017

Whenever you hear about Montenegro, historical towns and beautiful Mediterranean beaches instantly come to mind! With summer temperatures averaging at 27°C (81°F), it’s hard to imagine this sizzling coastal destination in any other light, but unlike many tropical destinations, Montenegro has wow-factor versatility. Boasting snow-capped mountains for the months of November-March, this Adriatic gem will provide you with the perfect laid-back winter experience.

By Luštica Bay 29 Nov, 2017

Ascending hundreds of metres in the Komarnica Valley, ice axe in hand, you pause and admire the breath-taking surrounding landscape of nearby Boan. Below you there is nothing but a snow-capped precipice, above you a blue sky, and you are engulfed in the freezing Mediterranean air. Fuelled by determination you press ahead! Enthusiasm for ice climbing, curiosity of the snowy mountains and frozen waterfalls, with equal admiration for the sea, have been your reasons for travelling to Montenegro with a wish to experience it all first-hand.

By Luštica Bay 13 Nov, 2017

Municipality of Tivat is first of Boka Bay’s cities that is organizing a series of events to mark the beginning of festivities throughout the country. For the upcoming Municipality day, the town of Tivat has, with the help of Tourism Board of Tivat and Cultural center of Tivat, prepared a rich whole month programme of various events.

By Luštica Bay 06 Nov, 2017

Imposing mountains frame the sparkling blues that are peppered only with yachts. Picturesque ports and former fishing towns whisper untold tales of Montenegrin heritage to those who wander their streets. A well kept secret, however, is that of the Montenegrin winter. It is not a country boasting only beaches but also some of Europe’s best ski slopes. As we slalom into the ski season we thought we’d share some information on the surprising winter sport in Montenegro.

By Luštica Bay 26 Oct, 2017

Podgorica translates as ‘under the little hill’. True to namesake, a cypress-covered hill watches over the buzzing capital and its inhabitants which make approximately a third of the national population. The city is always humming with events and activities that have become trademarks of the country. One of these events is the Podgorica Marathon which was established in 1996 and still enjoys success, now onto its 23rd year.

By Luštica Bay 06 Oct, 2017

Being a game that encourages camaraderie, golf has stood the test of time, as its popularity spread quickly throughout the centuries and has remained prevalent within various societies, most particularly Ireland, Scotland, Canada, England, the US, and now it is time to extend this to Montenegro!

By Luštica Bay 25 Sep, 2017

If you didn’t have a chance to catch our most recent closing event, don’t fear, we’ll be recapping the fantastic points of the evening, as well as giving you a roundup of this year’s most exciting happenings, from our golf competitions, to getting up close and personal with Milos Karadaglic! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

By Luštica Bay 11 Sep, 2017

 Local instruments are played to tell the most beautiful story of how Montenegro has evolved into a hidden gem along the southern Adriatic coastline. Rich with imagination and spirit, our musical identity defines who we are as a country and as people. If you’re new to Montenegrin music, not to worry! We’re here to get you up to speed.

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