La mia prima volta in Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 22 Jan, 2014

The first time you travel to a country, in a new city, there are many thoughts that come to mind and the images that accompany us through its streets.

James Giulietti ,  pen expert  Yacht Capita  l had the opportunity to visit Montenegro last October during the  party  to celebrate the launch of the first Marina in the work, and here he reveals what were your first impressions.

Montenegro was a place of mind, before a real place. A little ‘because of the bitter, a little’ reminiscences to school, “where they talked about Montenegro? … In the First World War? ‘, A little’ because of the ignorance that I still carry around from the former puzzelizzazione Yugoslavia, the fact is that Montenegro tell or say Kamchatka was more or less the same thing, only that Montenegro Risk in there.

Then, finally, you happen to go in Montenegro. And you discover that it is a real place, with real people and not carrarmatini of plastic on the streets. And that has not been at the time of the First War, but not in those of the former Yugoslavia. No, no, it has become really driving the chariot of the tourist development of the area that the world has another intriguing name: the Balkans.

In Montenegro and arrivals as well as having the evidence that it is a  young country  (just like demography, the amount of young people and adults that circulates through the streets shows the distribution of the age pyramid), you also have the knowledge that it is a young country for tourism .Local in Milan would call ‘combed’ are beside the bar more traditional tent with the anti-plastic flies. And no one finds it odd that there is one waiter who speaks three languages ​​perfectly and another not even bring you peanuts when ordering a drink. Coexistence of the two natures.

Montenegro, and the whole area surrounding, has a long history that goes up to today and has almost never lost the thread despite the many political vicissitudes.

So it is right and proper not to deny what took them up there, even in the recent past. In Montenegro have also realized another thing: do not need to have European aspirations, no, they are turning to the World. When you get to talk to whoever is taking care of one of the most interesting developments immobilar-tourism in the region (  Lustica Bay  operates the giant  Orascom  to Samih Sawiris), you realize that those who work here has already decided that the Europeans are only part of the customers to carry on that piece of the Adriatic coast. Much better to turn to those who are not that sea, that story and those opportunities at home. Then of course, the benefits are for those who already is on the Mediterranean, but it has no tax or friend so that urbanization goes well for good living. “The health you can not buy, but we’ll give you the chance to live in the healthiest way possible, with fresh air and clean where do sports, where infrastructure keep the boat or play golf and a city with all the services, but scattered an area where only four per cent is occupied by cement, “he explains Gerhard Niesslein, the CEO of Orascom Development, when I ask him what’s different Lustica Bay from any other place than any other Costa, which is riviera, Silver or Smeralda.

In short, as far as I’m concerned, those guys in Montenegro, they are doing a great job and it is not by chance if Russian companies, South Africa, Egypt are investing there.   And if you’re curious to know personally who is putting money in this area of ​​the world, go on Wikipedia to see who they are, in addition to the above Sawiris, Oleg Deripaska, Nathaniel Rothschild, Jacob Rothschild and Bernard Arnault, so to speak.

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