Leaf Peeping in Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 15 Oct, 2015
The colours of autumn have taken hold in Montenegro. In every direction, leaves are turning gold and crimson-tipped, and are now beginning to inevitably usurp the bright medley of summer flowers. This entirely natural and beautiful transition inspires many to annually embark on pilgrimages to view and photograph leaves as the transformation takes place – this is most famous in New England, in the United States. In any case, the popular pastime has come to be known as ‘leaf peeping’.

Intrigued by this trend, we decided to go on our own leaf peeping tour of Montenegro to discover what makes this hobby so popular.

Hiking through the rugged mountains, the rich depth of colour surrounding us contrasted with the skies, displaying Montenegro’s wild beauty in all its glory.

They weren’t the only highlight: pomegranate trees heave with fruit on the slopes, and they site nicely ripening in the sun’s warm beams. Eventually, they will turn their characteristic shade of red – a signal that they’re ready for picking.

Days spent traversing the great outdoors, must, of course, be remedied by a gastronomic feast of Montenegrin proportions, or in other words, the enjoyment of freshly baked local delicacies and seasonal fruit under the falling leaves.

If you’re tempted to give leaf peeping a try, Montenegro has acres of stunning untouched landscape offering the chance to be enraptured by the changing foliage.

We can’t wait to continue tracking the changing shades as winter settles in, so why not join us and share your own leaf peeping photography? Tweet and Instagram us @lusticabay

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