Luštica Bay's guest: Predrag Vuckovic, extreme photographer

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 19 Dec, 2017

Recently, Lustica Bay hosted one of the most popular regional extreme photographers Predrag Vuckovic, who was impressed by the town in the making, soon to become a home of active and healthy lifestyle for several thousand people.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic

Throughout his career, Predrag Vuckovic was a lead photographer on over 450 different sports events, in over 70 countries, with biggest sport stars. His style and approach to modern photography differentiate him from other photographers, not only in region, but across the world.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

If someone could take pride in being called a specialist for extreme photography, that is definitely Predrag, who specialized in underwater photography as well. He is one of few international photographers employed by Red Bull, which gives him the privilege to attend many extreme sports events. His experience separates him from other photographers, and what started as a hobby, turned into flourishing professional career to last for many years ahead.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay : You are one of the few photographers who spends more time up in the air, than on the ground. How do you explain that circumstance?


Predrag: Projects I work on demand that kind of style of photography. Airplanes and helicopters became natural part of many projects I worked on lately, so that is maybe the best explanation I could give you at this moment.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay : How did you discover the world of extreme sports, and how come you love adrenalin rush so much?


Predrag: Extreme sports has always been a significant part of my life. I actually started being active in many of them in Serbia and Montenegro and whenever I have the time, I like to engage into them. All the skills I inquired during the years helped me to reach some of the most distant locations, from which I could show why my photos are that different than photos of other artists. Also, my experience in those sports helps me to communicate better with athletes I work with, which I hope is clearly seen in my work.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay : Is your love for adrenaline one of the determining factors when accepting a project?


Predrag: In many cases, I choose a project based on the challenge I must complete to take a shot. Adrenaline doesn’t have much with it, but it’s a contributing factor when I have to decide whether I will take a job or not.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay : What photo or project left the biggest impact on you ?


Predrag: It’s always hard for me to pick just one photo or project as a favorite one. Every photo has its own story in different parts of the world, with unusual surroundings, surreal nature and special people, so that’s why is so hard to pick just one. When you are working one day in Kamchatka and the next day you are on Antarctica or India, you just don’t think “Oh this is the best experience”, you are focused on the ride and the memories.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay: You often spend your time in Montenegro, which extreme sports would you recommend to tourists that visit us?


Predrag:    Montenegro truly has a wide spectrum of activities to offer. My recommendation would be a tour around the mountains. There is a lot of natural beauty to see in Montenegro, and it’s perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy it. When we talk about extreme sports as such, I would recommend some of the canyons for canoeing. It’s always better to see something that only few people before you saw, and canoeing is perfect for it. If anyone wishes to do so in my company, they can contact me via .

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay : What’s more exciting in Montenegro: sea or mountains?


Predrag : When you step in my shoes, it’s hard to make that choice. I love nature and everything around it, so I find extreme joy at the sea and in the mountains. I also do underwater photography, so sea and water are one of my most favorite surroundings. They give me a sense of peace after hard and exciting projects. On the other side, mountains provide a different perspective because of their endless peaks and countless photo possibilities.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay : How do you handle pressure during dangerous situations during your projects?


Predrag: It’s completely natural to sense fear in some extreme situations I come in touch with on almost daily basis. Fear is in the human nature, it sets boundaries to which points we can go, before it becomes too dangerous, which is good. That’s why there is no photo that will make me do something reckless, because it loses the point. I often dream about my photos before I take them, and that is why there is no place for fear, but if it does show up, like I said, there is a line I do not cross.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay : For the last four years, you were working on a project that is bound for Montenegro. Could you tell us what is about?


Predrag: As you already said, for the last four years, I was gathering photos from all parts of Montenegro. My goal is to publish a book during the spring 2018  with 100 most extraordinary photos of Montenegro, from different, my own perspective. In my book, I will present some of the well-known locations in Montenegro, but also some of the locations that even natives didn’t know existed. It will all be presented from my perspective, so locations will look surreal and unusual. Lustica Bay will also have its part in the book.

Photo credit: Predrag Vuckovic @predragvuckovic

Lustica Bay : Luštica Bay is envisioned as a project that promotes healthy and active lifestyle. What impressions do you take with you from our future town?


Predrag: Lustica left great impressions on me as an oasis at which you can escape realty. Active living and healthy lifestyle are foundation of this part of Adriatic, and I’m really glad that this project will promote those values, instead of sitting in coffee shops all day, or driving your car from point A to point B. I’m glad that highlight will be on the nature, healthy living and possibly adrenaline. I like the surroundings of this small town, in which you sense special kind of energy as soon as you step onto its territory. You don’t have to do anything special to feel that way. Lustica Bay’s location is also irreplaceable, facing the open sea horizon and Boka Bay, which leaves you breathless.


You can check photos of Predrag Vuckovic on his website: www.extreme-photographer or his Instagram account @predragvuckovic

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