Luštica Bay sponsors “The Black Pin” film

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 09 Apr, 2015

Q & A with Montenegrin film director and producer, Ivan Marinovic

Next month, the Luštica peninsula will welcome acclaimed Montenegrin filmmaker Ivan Marinovic and his team, as the cameras behind “The Black Pin”, a film set amid the beauty of Montenegro, will begin to roll.

As part of our ongoing local and cultural support programme, the  Luštica Bay  development is sponsoring the production of “The Black Pin”, and what better way to understand the world of film and producing than by meeting with Ivan himself and discussing all things cinematic.

How long have you been a professional film producer?

I am a writer and director foremost. Producing came after for me, and began with a short documentary I produced in 2010 titled, “Praise the Sea, Stick to the Shore”. “The Black Pin” is the first feature film my production company is developing.

Did you always know this was what you wanted to do in life?

I always knew that my profession would focus on some form of storytelling. This is ultimately achieved through writing and directing films, which is still the most popular storytelling medium of today. My storytelling nerve never sleeps when I’m in Montenegro.

Where has been your favourite destination to film?

Berlin in Germany, without a doubt. The sets created for that particular project were simply second to none.

Do you feel an affinity with Montenegro and filming in the country?

Definitely, since it is a totally unexplored and authentic country which has enormous cinematic potential – the Luštica peninsula in particular is an incredible source of inspiration. The region is rich with fascinating characters, anecdotes, tradition and an incredibly seductive mythology of its own.

What do you think is the most beautiful aspect of Montenegro?

It is a land of beautiful contrasts. You can be in the warm sunshine enjoying the sea view, while having the snow-capped mountains of Lovćen in the background. It is a very unique and visually exciting place. If we manage to capture a small part of that in our project, I won’t need to worry about the visual aspect of the film.

How important do you see Luštica Bay’s support and the cultural programme in place being for the development of film in Montenegro?

Montenegro is still waiting for its international breakthrough when it comes to cinema. However, thanks to the support of Luštica Bay, shooting of “The Black Pin” begins this May and if the project is as successful as it was in the pre-production stages (the script achieved multiple awards and was part of  Berlinale ), we will make history in Montenegrin film. Exciting times lay ahead!

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