Luštica Bay Update: First Homeowners Move in Ahead of a Busy Summer Season

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 14 May, 2015
As the long, glorious summer season gets under way in Montenegro, there’s a palpable excitement in the air as  Luštica Bay  begins to welcome its very first seventy homeowners.

It’s been a sensational year so far at Luštica Bay: among the many milestones, there were walkthroughs of the first completed marina apartments and townhouses in early 2015, while the marina and the marina village, which will be at the heart and soul of Luštica Bay, continued its steady expansion.

But May has long been down in the calendars of the team on the ground – each and every one has been awaiting the arrival of the new homeowners in great anticipation. The first residents, after all, will become an integral part of the Luštica Bay community, adopting life in this beautiful, wild, new destination.

Real Estate owners at Luštica Bay and Montenegro in general are now without limitation. Thanks to a cap on VAT at 7% on marine and tourist services, no duty to pay on fuel for yachts, and a new visa scheme that allows property owners and foreign investors to remain in the country for 12 months, Montenegro is proving to be an increasingly popular long-term investment choice for international buyers.

The lifestyle continues to be the young country’s greatest allure to buyers. Luštica Bay champions this prevalent and abundant outdoors, healthy, active lifestyle like no other development in the region, with residents able to prosper from Montenegro’s inherent beauty and coastal landscape.

For further information on Luštica Bay please click  here, and stay tuned to hear more about our bustling Montenegrin summer calendar.

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