Majestic Mountain Peaks in Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 29 Mar, 2017

Did you know that 60% of Montenegro’s land is more than 1,000m above sea level? With breathtaking views and incredible trails, Montenegro’s mountains offer explorers an adventure like no other!

 As your navigator for the day, follow us on a virtual tour as we explore Montenegro the rustic way!

First stop… Durmitor National Park

At a monumental height of 8,200 ft. above sea level, Durmitor is by far one of Montenegro’s most interesting massifs. Durmitor, which means ‘sleeping’ in Montenegro’s ancient dialect, sits along the Tara, Draga and Susica Rivers, whose canyons cut large swaths through the mountainous peak, and its waters feed from its snows.

Meander through the UNESCO-recognised slopes to discover the Komarnica, the large mountain plateau that is home to over 18 glacial lakes. Known locally as Crno Jezero, the Black Lake is Durmitor’s largest, deepest and best-known lake, and like many mountainous lakes, boasts receding glaciers unlike any other.

Whilst exploring the surrounding wonders, make sure to explore the ‘big’ and ‘little’ pools, as well as the Medjed Mountain along its fringes. Numerous trails lead to the high plateau where trekkers can unwind and recuperate in one of three shelters: a hut, refuge or bivouac. The choice is yours.

Summer is one of the best times to visit this glittering oasis, ideal for hiking, cycling, fishing, swimming and boating. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, the shoulder seasons of spring and autumn attracts a number of eager tourists heading to the park’s most popular event - Mountain Flowers Day, in mid-July.

Alternatively, mountain travellers flock to Durmitor in winter to discover a magical oasis of pistes, snow and sunshine. Snowboarding lovers can hit the slopes, and mountaineering enthusiasts can take part in ice climbing along the park’s bouldering hotspots.

Next stop… Piva National Park

Looking to explore a peak a bit close to Lustica Bay? The untouched and relatively unexplored natural beauty in Piva National Park is a must-see. Marked by a sea of green, and limestone plateaus cut by canyons formed by the Tara, the Piva River is part of a system of mesmerising rivers and deep canyons.

The Piva Monastery along its steep mountains possesses an extremely rich treasury of artistic works. For centuries, the monastery was the most important spiritual and cultural centre of this region. In olden days, waters would rush down the 21 miles of awe-inspiring canyons, cutting into the rock by Piva’s mighty currents.


Only a few miles away from the mountain peak is the Piva Plateau. Now devoted to sheep and stock-breeding, a small smattering of local settlements is now home to shepherds and farm animals grazing the local woodlands.

Exploring Montenegro’s picturesque peaks is a truly memorable experience. When visiting these delightful sights, don’t forget to take some photos! Share your snaps with us on Twitter by mentioning @LusticaBay , or on our Facebook page.

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