The goal of Luštica Bay is to create a distinct community, within a self-sufficient extraordinary setting, where residents can create a home around the life they want to live. Combining Montenegro’s beauty and culture with Orascom Development’s experience of cultivating environmentally-centred, luxury residential living, it provides a foundation that will grow organically. 

Luštica Bay is set to become a sustainable, fully-integrated, state-of-the-art town. Designed to blend seamlessly into its surroundings it will become a permanent home to a few thousand residents. It comprises a variety of residential offerings, hotels and lifestyle facilities, offering both tranquility and privacy, discovery and adventure. A secluded oasis and a gateway to the rest of Montenegro.

Luštica Bay

More than 1,000 apartments
Over 500 villas and townhomes
7 hotels
Condominium hotel rooms
1 wellness and spa centre
2 marinas with mooring and docking support facilities


1 championship 18-hole golf course with clubhouse
4.9 km long boardwalk
Conference Centre
Sport Courts
Restaurants & Shops
Medical facilities
Police & Fire department

Architectural integrity

A build that boasts the highest architectural standards, Luštica Bay echoes the region’s traditional coastal villages. Drawing on the landscape’s innate hues, textures and topography the properties are embedded authentically into the hillsides. With less then 10% of the land is being developed on, preserving as much of their surroundings as possible in their natural state.

One-of-a-kind community

Luštica Bay is a unique take on the region’s Mediterranean coastal living. Life here combines a culture of relaxation, simple pleasures and healthy, outdoor living with a bold vision for modern living at its most exceptional. It welcomes homeowners from all over the world who are in search for a multicultural haven. It is these people who are the very foundations of a community that will only but grow as the years go by.

the future

The development has thus far been unfolding in line with its uncompromising vision. With the first phase of the development well underway, encompassing the hub of the project, the marina town, initial plans for the upper village have already commenced in parallel with a vision to have the first phase complete by 2020. This will require a large workforce, not only during the construction stage, but also to help run the town and service its residents.


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