Montenegro in Quotes

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 27 Jan, 2016

There is no doubt that the world’s media has for some time now been fascinated with Montenegro – although it’s not hard to see why. The country possesses a unique brand of spellbinding magic that is evident from its wild coastlines, looming, grand mountain ranges, serene waters and its culture, too. The number of luxury resorts and developments popping up throughout the country are testament to the growing popularity of this most beautiful spot in the world, and there is certainly more to come.

The sheer attraction of Montenegro and its vibrant culture has enticed journalists, bloggers and a celebrity, or two, the world over. We’ve collated a little description of Montenegro for you, through their eyes and words.

“Nature has been prolific and creative in Montenegro, producing such iconic draws as the bewitching Bay of Kotor and the buzzy beaches along its Riviera.”
Lonely Planet

“Just as if I have returned to town from the most beautiful fairytale of my childhood.”
Sophia Loren

“Montenegro is the new magnet for people seeking picturesque villas on the Mediterranean.”
Forbes Magazine

“Lord Byron was right. The Montenegrin coastline really is the most beautiful encounter between land and sea.”

“One of the magical things about Kotor is its naturally beautiful setting. The city lies on the majestic Bay of Kotor, nicknamed the ‘southernmost fjord of Europe’, and is backed by towering mountains.”
Pommie Travels

“Montenegro is turning heads among the superyacht fraternity”
Boat International

“The mountains here are a 360-degree panorama of majestic grandness, calling me to explore them via hiking and biking trails.”

“Emerald waters, soaring mountains and Venetian captains’ houses around Kotor Bay rival anything in the Italian lakes.”
Evening Standard

“If you’ve never climbed a Montenegrin mountain, do it. You’ll never forget.”
The Daily Telegraph

“Tara River, with its crystal clear waters is the tear of Europe.”
Active Montenegro

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