Montenegro’s Best Music Festivals

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 26 Aug, 2015

Summer has begun its slow descent into autumn and Montenegro will soon say its farewells to the festival season. That said, it’s never too early to start dreaming of next year.

While many people delight in well-established, but usually rather wet music events like the famous Glastonbury and Isle of Wight festivals in the UK, there is growing interest in those found off the beaten track, the lesser known ones which offer just as much sunshine as they do fun.

Montenegro’s music scene is becoming an increasingly popular choice for music lovers, after all, it was where Fatboy Slim chose to DJ this summer (he came to our very own Top Hill in Budva).

The 2015 summer season had plenty to offer intrepid festival-goers, but if you’re keen to be a part of it next year, here is our guide to where to be in 2016:

Sea Dance festival, Jaz Beach, Budva

Sea Dance is a must-visit for all electro music fanatics. With the sounds of the sea and soft sand beneath their feet, days at Sea Dance include days spent on Adriatic’s hottest beach, enjoying electro beats, while dusk-till-dawn cocktails ensure all beach parties start and end on great highs. The location coupled with its international recognition, makes Sea Dance Festival the go-to music event of the year.

SeaRock Festival, Kotor

SeaRock was launched five years ago by fans of Americana and alternative rock music who felt that very few regional bands could boast the quality of harmonies and lyrics usually associated with this genre. This music event has changed that perception. Such is its popularity, fans now travel to Kotor from countries including Great Britain, Norway, Italy and the USA to attend SeaRock Festival, one of the only alternative rock music festivals with free entry for all.

Lake Fest, Niksic

Set on the shores of Lake Krupac, Lake Fest promotes a combination of urban culture, music, performance, tourism and ecology and it does it by amassing popular musicians, artists, writers, painters, and more, to its event. This year’s festival gave special attention to regional bands, but introduced its crowds to many unknown ones, too.

Refresh Festival

Refresh Festival is a three-day event of new wave energy, shaking up audio senses and visual sensations with renowned international DJs.

For further information on Montenegro’s lively summer scene, please click  here .

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