Our favourite blogs: Essential reading for visiting Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 26 Mar, 2013

When Colin Kingsmill moved from Canada to Montenegro in the summer of 2009, he knew little of what to expect from life in one of Europe’s smallest and youngest countries.

Four years later, he’s still there – and is now Head of Real Estate at  Luštica Bay .

Colin has chronicled his Montenegrin adventure on his blog,  LifeinMontenegro.com . As well as being an invaluable resource for visitors or new residents, it’s an engaging record of how he fell head-over-heels in love with his new home – and how Montenegro’s people have taken their new neighbour to heart, too.

For Colin, as for many, it was love at first sight. ‘ Spellbound ’ by Montenegro’s dramatic landscape, here he found a land of contrasts and contradictions – of tradition and ambition, of proud history and innovation. His new home turned out to be a place where an authentic way of life that many are desperate to return to has never even been lost. ‘ Old and new ‘, writes Colin, ‘ the essence of this lovely little country in the centre of the Mediterranean .’

Guided by a sense of adventure and an open mind, Colin’s writings on life as an expat and the changes he’s witnessing in Montenegro make for eloquent and often amusing reading, while his tips on  his favourite hotels and restaurants  are a must-read for visitors and new residents alike.

The impressive photos Colin shares on Life in Montenegro, grouped into themes such as ‘Bay of Kotor’, ‘Luštica Peninsula’ and ‘On the Water’, go a long way to conveying the beauty of his new home. All the same, he comments that his  pictures  can never do these views justice. Whenever friends and relatives come to visit, they always tell him how much more beautiful the country is in real life.

Clearly, there’s no substitute for visiting Montenegro for yourself. But until you do, you can keep up with Colin’s adventure via his  Twitter account , or by subscribing to his blog.

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