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  • By Luštica Bay
  • 10 Apr, 2017

Clement Koh talks about The Chedi Luštica Bay, Montenegro

Illustration of The Chedi Luštica Bay, Montenegro
We had the chance to speak with Mr. Clement Koh, Senior Vice President in Sales & Marketing at GHM Hotels.

LB: Please can you tell us a bit more about GHM Hotels?

CK: Established in 1992, GHM (General Hotel Management Ltd.) is known for conceptualising, developing and operating an exclusive group of hotels and resorts. With an intimate portfolio and more projects in the pipeline, GHM prides itself in providing guests with an unrivalled lifestyle experience. Each GHM property is an original. A symbiotic relationship between the hotel and the local culture enables GHM to provide guests with a genuine, close-up experience of the best each destination has to offer. The signature GHM style melds contemporary interpretations of Asian designs and distinctive local touches to create inspired, memorable spaces.

In addition to these, GHM has joined with like-minded partners and entered into meaningful collaborations to deliver innovative brands, continuing its legacy of setting new benchmarks of excellence in the hospitality industry. One such prime example is Ahn Luh - a brand that combines the essence of Old World Chinese hospitality in today’s context of contemporary elegance, reflecting in its service, architectural design and interior décor, how tradition and modernity can intertwine to present an original, urban resort concept.

LB: How will The Chedi be different to other luxury hotels in Montenegro?

CK: As with every other destination in which GHM had conceived and developed a resort or hotel in, The Chedi Lustica Bay will ultimately be, in itself, a ‘destination within the destination’. Notwithstanding the many fine hotels and resorts in Montenegro, we are confident that The Chedi will raise the benchmark and create an entirely unprecedented resort experience. GHM has always prided itself on being able to artfully blend the very best cultural and historical elements of any particular destination with our very own signature Asian contemporary touches. Just as we had successfully combined Alpine and Asian chic to launch and enshrine The Chedi Andermatt as the Best Hotel in Switzerland, we will deliver likewise with The Chedi Lustica Bay project and make it the undisputed luxury resort in Montenegro.
The Chedi Andermatt, Switzerland; photo: GHM Hotels
LB:  What is GHM’s motto?

CK:  Our brand motto is ‘A Style to Remember‘ - a tagline which personifies our company’s ethos of creating hotels and resorts that are renowned for their superlative designs, innovative food and beverage concepts as well as award-winning service styles and attitudes. These marks of innovation, excellence and distinction will always be badges that GHM proudly bears as each of our hotels ultimately become market leaders who not only drive acclaim for the project itself, but also recognition and allure to the respective destinations where they are located.

GHM has previously teamed up with our developers, Orascom, during the construction phases of The Chedi Andermatt.
LB:  How did the collaboration between GHM Hotels and Orascom Development Holding come about?

CK: Mr. Sawiris had been a guest at our highly acclaimed Chedi Muscat property and was impressed by the hotel when he stayed there. He inquired about the operator behind the hotel (and the brand) and got acquainted with GHM’s legacy and pedigree. Fortuitously, a chance meeting between him and our company’s President, Mr. Hans R. Jenni took place and as they say, the rest is history.
The Chedi Club Tanah Gajah, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia; photo: GHM Hotels
LB:  In your opinion, why do you think Montenegro has seen an influx in luxury hotel investment in recent years?

CK: Well, to begin with, I think the government of Montenegro has done an incredible job to create an investment-friendly culture. Montenegro’s political and economic stability offers potential hotel investors (or any investor for that matter) a highly favorable climate in which to conduct business. Coupled with investor-friendly legislation and taxation policies, an ever-improving tourism infrastructures, natural scenic beauty, a growing pool of educated and talented workforce as well as increased connectivity to major tourism source markets in the region and beyond, the destination is definitely poised for unprecedented recognition and with it, unlimited growth opportunities.
LB:  What do you think it will take to make The Chedi Lustica Bay a success ?

CK:  Branding this incredible project a Chedi (as well as a Chedi Residence) is already a solid first step towards that aspiration. Our signature brand has, since its inception, clearly distinguished itself as a leading player within the world of bespoke luxury hospitality accommodation. Granted GHM may not have quite the same portfolio critical mass as some of our other peers in the industry, we have nonetheless earned and cemented our status as an exceptional niche operator who can not only bring buzz to any destination and create mind-blowing resort concepts, but also drive robust market share growth and generate healthy profitability to owners and business partners. In every situation where we have been successfully entrenched, it’s often because we’ve had the pleasure and honour of collaborating with visionary partners and owners (like Orascom Development and Mr. Samih Sawiris) who shared a common aspiration and commitment with us – that of making every GHM hotel 'A Style to Remember’.
The Chedi Muscat, Oman; photo: GHM Hotels
Clement Koh, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing at GHM Hotels
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