Q & A with London-based Italian jewellery designer Carolina Bucci

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 07 Jun, 2016
Renowned Italian jewellery designer, Carolina Bucci, recently purchased a new home in Lustica Bay.   Born in Florence into a family of jewellers, Bucci started her own line in 2003, designing fine jewellery with bohemian influences and opened her flagship store on Motcomb Street, London SW1, in 2007. With a list of clientele including Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham, Sarah Jessica Parker and Selma Hayek,   we got in touch with her to get her insight on the upcoming summer fashions and trends in Jewellery.

Following the 130th   anniversary of the Bucci family jewellery business last year, what influences do you take from growing up around jewellers and from your hometown of Florence?

Florence influenced my work in so many ways: it is overflowing with beautiful architecture, great museums and galleries, it is a small but incredibly creative place where everyone feels inspired by its rich history and culture. Florence for me is all about respecting the tradition and the central place of craftsmanship in anything that you do.


What inspired you to become a jewellery designer?

It happened gradually, as a child I was always receiving jewellery, for any occasion, I wanted to turn it into something more interesting for me. I kept asking my Father if I could change this ‘boring’ traditional pieces into what I wanted to have and in the end he asked me to make a sketch, this was my first experience ‘designing’. I designed my first real Carolina Bucci pieces while I was studying in NY. I did not have the store back than and I was not thinking that far ahead, I was just doing something that I enjoyed. But those pieces appeared on Sex and the City and things just took off from there. A little too quickly if I’m honest.


Can you tell us about your most treasured piece and the story behind its creation?

Apart from the necklace inspired by my two sons, my initial ring is one of the pieces, which is the most close to my heart. When I was growing up my favourite piece was my Mother’s ring, I remember it very clearly from when I was a child. She had this amazing Onyx ring with a big gold T for Theresa on it. I remember thinking at the time that when I got older I would have my own C one, but then my Mother must have stopped wearing it when I was still very young and everybody forgot about it. I found it a couple of years ago in her jewellery box and immediately knew that it would form the basis of my Scarab collection and that I would finally get my own C ring.

Summer equals colour, how would you accessorize for a beach party, do you have any tips?

I wouldn’t necessarily change the way I accessorize, but perhaps I would add more colour. For a summer party on a sunny beach I would wear my new necklace with Turquoise beads with vintage charms, which I found in the archives of my family’s workshop. This necklace is a part of my new collection – ‘Recharmed’. I always enjoyed re-working an ‘old’ more traditional pieces into something with a bit more fun, giving it a ‘new life’.

I wear bright colours in any season, but of course during the summer your accessories are not hidden and sun enhances the beautiful jewellery. I like to layer and mix and match my accessories, they can be all of various thickness, colour and finish. They should neither overpower outfits, nor hide away too much. Balance is key.


What jewellery item would you not leave the house without?

I wear a necklace with pave diamond little boys every day, this necklace is inspired by my two sons. I like to spend as much time as possible with them, but when I can’t at least I can carry them around in my necklace


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With the summer approaching are there any fashion trends you’ve flagged?

Fashion always seems to go around in circles, old vintage pieces reworked, Gucci is a good example, admiration of all things old is in fashion these days. ‘Old is new’… This trend resonates with me a lot as most of my collections are about cherishing the old in a new way.

Like the staple LBD, are there any pieces of jewellery that a woman needs to have on her dressing table?

This is a relatively new answer for me… but maybe pearls? One of the things that I love about pearls is how they take on a deeper and more dynamic lustre the more you wear them. In many ways, my Lei Zu collection is designed to echo that relationship between the jewellery and its wearer; because the shimmer effect is produced by etching through layers of gold, as the elements rub against each other and come into contact with your skin the quality of sparkle and shimmer changes very slightly over time. Just like pearls the pieces ‘live’ alongside the wearer.


What does the rest of 2016 and the next few years hold in store for you?

There will be a lot of changes, I am launching a new line, Caro. We are updating our website… Of course, a new collection as I have mentioned earlier. And lots more. All very exciting.


Check out Carolina’s beautiful jewellery  here

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