Real estate opportunities in Montenegro: Luštica Bay

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 14 Dec, 2012

Come 2016, owners will be moving into their authentically designed apartment, townhouse or spacious villa at Luštica Bay. On hand to help with every stage of the buying process, Sabine Schoen from the  Luštica Bay  sales team tells us about the range of properties available and facilities on offer and explains why Montenegro is the place to be right now.

What kind of buyer do you think Luštica Bay will attract?

If I have to pick I would say the buyers of Luštica Bay are innovators. They are investors who dare to take a risk, who do not follow the common trail of buying properties overseas.

Can you give us a brief summary into the range of properties available for purchase?

The strength of Luštica is that it appeals to any type of buyer. This is due to the wide range of facilities and residential units which Luštica Bay has on offer. These vary from a simple studio to a spacious three bedroom apartment, townhome or luxury villa.

The range of properties at Luštica Bay are varied, why is this?

We did not want to exclude anyone from the community we are creating. Each type of property has been built with our visitors in mind, studio apartments for young couples, larger apartments for young families and then villas for larger families. We have tried to deliver for every type of visitor.

What is the entry level at Luštica Bay? What would be the most expensive property on offer?

The entry-level property is the Studio, and the most expensive properties we offer are the Villas. Each property however, will be built with the same standards and finishings.

How will the future hotels and facilities enhance life as an owner?

The selection of hotels will have a wide range of great facilities for every type of owner. In addition, they will ensure the bay is visited year round and also accommodate family and friends who wish to join owners on their holidays.

Why do you think Montenegro is worth investing in, in terms of property?

Tourism in Montenegro is  growing  at a phenomenal rate. Any investment in Montenegro will be beneficial in the long run, as the country continues to develop. The favourable tax climate of 9% is also a very attractive angle to consider.

Why did you decide to work on this project?

This is a one of a kind project for Montenegro and more importantly the  Balkan  area. The beauty of this project, and what I fell in love with, is the close connection with the real Montenegro. The wild beauty of Montenegro will remain a prominent feature throughout the project.

Describe Luštica Bay in one sentence.

An authentic way of life.

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