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Luštica Bay offers a wide range of properties, from waterfront apartments, charming hillside townhouses, to exclusive, private villas. A diverse but distinct community for those who seek a life like no other. 

Our properties are state-of-the-art both inside and out, impeccably designed and furnished, offering world class amenities. Their positioning works with the topography of the hillsides so that all residences boast incredible views of the bay and sea. They are surrounded by glorious open spaces, preserved in their natural state. Green trails and sidewalks weave through the residential areas, connecting them to the wider community and main marina.

Built from local materials in soft hues, they evoke the region’s lost-in-time fishing villages and blend into the colours and textures of the landscape. Stepping organically down the hillside in tightly-woven structures, they form a patchwork of striking terracotta roofs, stone walls, staircases and courtyards, expansive terraces, wooden shutters, deep-set windows and arched doorways.



Our classical interior style is ideal for a homeowner seeking warm, sophisticated and grounded surroundings. Fine proportions and soft lines create an innate sense of space, balance and symmetry that flows from room to room. A neutral colour palette, natural textures and decorative accents blend together for a look of traditional refinement and restrained elegance. Featuring state-of-the-art fixtures and high standards of craftsmanship, this is a heritage design underpinned by quality and durability.


Our contemporary interior design places the emphasis on simplicity and sophisticated modernity. It is ideal for those seeking a fresh, light and contemporary space with a unique flair that enables them to express their own individuality. Using streamlined forms, clean geometry, simple accents and asymmetric touches, the decor evokes a sense of space and calmness. State-of-the-art fixtures and furnishings offer quality, durability and uncompromising comfort.


Residences in Luštica Bay are constructed using indigenous, sustainable materials, with textures and colours derived from local soils, stone, clay and wood.


Local stone forms the foundation of the properties, embedding them into their surroundings and enrichening with warm, natural tones.


Wood is used for windows, doors, screens and trellises for a natural effect.


Buildings are finished with the red, clay tile roofs characteristic of the region.


Traditional plaster in earthy hues is typically reserved for the treatment of building facades.


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