Riders.me celebrates its 3rd birthday!

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 02 Dec, 2014

The skiing and snowboarding fanatics at  Riders.me  will be celebrating the organisations 3rd birthday this month, and in honour of this milestone we met with Ilija Peric, co-founder of Riders.me to ask him some questions about the fantastic snow sports on offer in Montenegro.

Happy Birthday team, we’re sure you’ll be tearing up the Montenegrin slopes in celebration!

Q.   What’s your preferred – skiing or snowboarding?

Ilija:   I prefer freeride and off-piste skiing and this season, snowcat skiing.

Q.   What is the   Montenegro Freeride Season ?

Ilija:   Montenegro’s freeride season starts at the first good snowfall, around mid December, and usually continues until mid-May. Around late April we can ski and swim in the same day!

Q.   What’s your slope side treat for sustenance?

Ilija:   Sandwiches with cheese, smoked ham (Pršut) and red paprika are great to keep my energy levels up!

Q.   Is there a traditional Montenegrin hot drink that is drunk on the slopes?

Ilija:   Usually tea or coffee but hot wine or hot šljivovica (plum brandy) is even better!

Q.   What do you believe Montenegro offers skiers that other resorts do not?

Ilija:   Montenegro offers you the chance to experience something new, for the first time. There’s an incredible feeling of skiing new slopes, knowing that very few people have skied there before – unchartered territory.

Q.   Which is your favourite run?

Ilija:   My favourite run is the first one of the day, before the chairlift opens.

Q.   When you’re up on the slopes, what’s your favourite view?

Ilija:   When you stand on the mountaintops of Ćupovi or Ključ, you can look around 360 degrees and wherever you look you think of skiing over there. Personally I enjoy looking over Mt. Komovi.

Q.   Aside from skiing, what other winter sports do you offer?

Ilija:   Montenegro is fast becoming a SnowKite spot in Europe. We strongly believe that Žabljak and Sinjajevina have great potential, as there are vast stretches of untouched land with strong winds throughout the winter season.

For more information on skiing and snow sports in Montenegro read our blog post  here  or visit  Riders.me
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