Sail the Adriatic seas: Yachting around Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 25 Apr, 2017
Sailing boat in Tivat bay, photo: Mihael Miko Đuričić
One of Montenegro’s many attractions is the Adriatic coastline (300km) that is beautifully decorated with preserved historic towns and several popular beaches.

The Luštica peninsula has plenty to offer in terms of its cosy coves, sandy beaches and secluded swimming spots, to mention a few. Having remained untouched in comparison to other areas of Montenegro, the southern side of the peninsula boasts an indented coastline and crystal clear waters.

So why not steer away from Montenegro’s tourist hotspots in a chartered yacht, and discover some of Montenegro’s hidden gems with us?

First stop… Sveti Marco, a pilgrim’s delight

Only a stone’s throw away from Tivat airport and further along the coast from Luštica, explorers can discover the wonders of Sveti Marco, before heading to the Miholjska Prevlaka (Isle of Flowers). Here lies an architectural dream, and the remains of a former monastery.
Miholjska Prevlaka (Isle of Flowers), photo: Shutterstock
Next stop… Dobreč, the swimming hotspot

Situated just south of the Luštica peninsula, this small, pebbled beach is a favourite swimming spot for locals, and is sheltered within the arms of a deep bay. Dobreč is only accessible by boat, offering visitors a truly intimate and uninterrupted experience, and forms the entrance to the Bay of Kotor.

Those looking to explore this hidden enclave can hire kayaks from the nearby village of Rose, or anchor yachts in the bay.

After that… Mamula, the secret island

Hop back on the yacht and sail further around Luštica’s shores to the small fortress of Mamula. Enriched in history, this is one of three fortresses built by the Austrians in the mid-19th century, and serves as the gateway to Kotor for sailors from far away lands.

After discovering a piece of Montenegro’s pre-Yugoslav history, sail further along Boka Bay before arriving at the Plava špilja, otherwise known as the Blue Cave, a magical sea cave where the sun’s reflections turns the water into an intense blue. Don’t forget to bring your torch, as you never know what you might discover…

With shallow Azure-blue waters, the next stop, Plavi horizonti in nearby Trašte Bay, is the popular mini day trip for families to explore the sights, smells and sounds along the Balkan coast, incorporating all the senses.
Mamula island, photo: Shutterstock
Final stop… Jaz, the big jam

Jaz, near Budva, has redefined itself as a festival destination in recent years. Enjoy a dinner by the sea in one of restaurants, then head straight into the crowd… have a time of your life!

So sit back, relax and enjoy Montenegro, the sailing way!
Jaz beach, Budva
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