Throughout the design and development of Luštica Bay, we have painstakingly worked to preserve and sustain the beauty of its natural environment. From economic, to ecological, to social factors we are committed to developing a sustainable town and community. A development covering a very small footprint of the total area, green construction methods, energy efficient architecture and cooperation with local communities and businesses, have all contributed to a responsible design that is consistent with The Parliament of the Republic on Montenegro’s “Declaration of the ecological state of Montenegro” (September 20, 1991).

Minimal Environmental Impact

Less then 10% of the 690 hectare site will be developed, a low density plan that allows for the preservation and maintenance of the indigenous landscape. Montenegro is a biodiversity haven and we seek to work with nature to protect horticultural and marine spaces. 
The residential development is market driven, so properties will be built as sold to avoid unnecessary development work and interference. 

Green Construction and Technologies

Intelligent green construction methods and the latest energy saving technologies have been used throughout development to ensure our buildings slash the current regional energy consumption by a third. Methods include: 
  • Use of regional building materials to reduce the project’s carbon footprint.
  • Wherever possible Luštica Bay uses renewable energy generated from locally distributed sources, such as solar and wind. 
  • Facilitating natural ventilation with high-ceilings, well-aerated roofs and attics and a carefully organised property layout, orientated towards prevailing winds.
  • Windows and doorways designed to capture onshore and offshore breezes and utilise cross-ventilation through the building. 
  • Thickly insulated concrete walls to keep buildings cool or hot depending on the season.
  • The use of heat recovery ventilation systems to provide fresh air and improved climate control, while reducing heating requirements. 
  • Double glazed windows with a moderate-solar gain, low E glazing with argon gas fill.
  • Utilising mechanical systems that use geothermal coils to displace heat into the ground, eliminating the need for noisy condensing units while conserving energy. 
  • Energy star rated electric equipment and appliances.
  • Careful waste management.


Luštica Bay has been designed and equipped to minimise vehicular traffic, helping to maintain the quiet and clean air of the area. This includes: 
  • Centralised public parking adjacent to the village, where cars can be directed and swapped for alternative forms of transportation.
  • Bicycle racks and storage throughout make cycling an easy option. 
  • The site is pedestrian friendly, with a well-connected network of sidewalks and green trails throughout, particularly in the marina village where vehicle access is restricted to residents only. 
  • Road widths have been narrowed for minimal environmental impact and to reduce paving and heat island effect. 

Water conservation

A number of methods are in place, working with the natural terrain, to reduce the site’s water usage including extensive use of water saving technologies through techniques such as smart irrigation and low consumption plumbing fixtures. 
  • The site’s layout aims to preserve natural drainage patterns and corridors.  
  • We work to minimise any impact on surface and groundwater systems.
  • Utilise natural drainage techniques including infiltration to help treat storm water and protect water quality of the bay. 
  • Where possible rainwater is collected from roofs via gutters or rain harvest scuppers and directed to concealed cisterns for non potable reuse and landscape irrigation.
  • Grey water reuse for golf course irrigation.

Community development

Luštica Bay aims to build a sustainable internal community, integrated into the wider fabric of Montenegrin life. The town’s design builds a sociable, open community. This includes creating an easily navigable pedestrian network of sidewalks and trails. Establishing a variety of public spaces for community events and gatherings, as well as a boardwalk at the main marina. There will be an area for community supported agriculture and a market for local farmers to sell goods. We will also enrich the preservation of historical and archaeological sites, providing access and educational initiatives. 

The development provides a range of public amenities for the area including school and sports facilities, conference centre, medical clinic and a police and fire department. There will be provisions for waste and waste collection, treatment reuse and recycling.

We are collaborating with local communities, authorities and special interest organisations, developing, in particular, close ties with nearby village of Radovići. From construction through to running the town, Luštica Bay is committed to employ local staff and work closely with locally and nationally based suppliers and contractors. This collaborative work will enhance and support the local economy through job creation and new business opportunities. 

A sustainable future

Our mission is for Lustica Bay to become a sustainable model - with a focus not only on development but on maintaining a commitment to the project for generations to come. Continued ownership of infrastructure and facilities and amenities ensures long-term value for the town. The surrounding environment will be tended in such a way that it becomes a part of the protected natural terrain. 
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