The fun never stops at Luštica Bay!

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 25 Sep, 2017

As the summer comes to the end, we recapped all the fun we had at our Marina Village, that will be open for public next year!

If you didn’t have a chance to catch our most recent closing event, don’t fear, we’ll be recapping the fantastic points of the evening, as well as giving you a roundup of this year’s most exciting happenings, from our golf competitions, to getting up close and personal with Milos Karadaglic! Sit back, relax and enjoy!

Our most recent event was a tremendous success. Musicians, Stevan Pavićević and Marijana Zlopaša were invited to the occasion, and guests were lead through the Sandor Slajf, sea- inspired exhibit on the way to their seats. Stevan Pavićević delivered a beautiful introduction to the evening with a saxophone performance, which was preceded by a Luštica Bay- inspired fashion show by the award- winning Boris Ćalić, which reflected the elements of our residences and the surrounding lifestyle.

The night was then brought to a close by Marijana Zlopaša, who shared her talents with us in a mini concert, after which the music was continued as our DJ took over, leading to a peaceful end to the evening. We love reminiscing about eventful nights like this, as they reiterate the dynamism and ability of both music and art to bring people together and share something truly special!

Also sharing something special, is our mutual enthusiasm of golf and feeling of community. Earlier this summer, for the third year in a row, the series of summer golf competitions, were truly anticipated events of the season! Bringing together more than 40 golf enthusiasts, veteran and novice players alike, came together and illustrated their abilities. Most recently, we had a very successful event, whereby participants competed in three categories: A, B & C.  With the recent start of the works on our golf zone, we are incredibly excited about our 18-hole championship golf course, which is under way and the first 4 holes and the practise area will be ready in the season 2018. Our aim is to continue to bring all players together, in a truly beautiful and sustainable environment, which can become yours, to grow as a golfer and become the best player you can be, for years to come!

Environmental sustainability and eco- friendly movements are at the top of our list at Luštica Bay, and we were beyond honoured to have taken part in T he Green Culture Forum 2017 , this summer. The event included speakers such as the likes of Prince Nikola II Petrović-Njegoš, Orascom’s Chairman Mr Samih Sawiris, Minister of Tourism and sustainable development Mr Pavle Radulović, Mayor of Tivat Ms Snežana Matijević, president of the NGO Krug, Ms Vesna Sokolovska Jovicevic, and forum speaker and promoter of the green culture principles, Mr Marc Buckley. This collaboration has provided the opportunity to host forum activities in eight Montenegrin cities and subsequently raise awareness of climate change. Issues regarding climate change are very important and affect everyone. We work to consistently promote and raise awareness about sustainability and climate change, and actively engage our community to lead and active and healthy lifestyle and livegreener lives in the location of a true natural gem that is Luštica Bay.

As we progress through the summer, we always keep an eye out for local talent, and it is our desire to support this in anyway we can. So, when the chance arose to hold an exhibition for Djordje Zivaljevic came along, we couldn’t refuse! The exhibition was a chance for Djordje to display his photography, which illustrated concepts of 'Folklore Fashion' and linked the authentic beauty of traditional dress with Montenegrin landscapes. Additionally, much of the Montenegrin talent is also rooted in music, and is highly celebrated. 

One of the most successful events to have taken place this summer was the open air Operosa Opera Festival. This was an occasion dedicated to showcasing opera, and to unite the finest ex- Yugoslavian talents, while promoting the art of opera to a modern audience.

On this musical note, we additionally, had the pleasure of once again, welcoming Milos Karadaglic, for the event: Milos Invites 2017. Through this event, we allowed people to visit Luštica Bay and appreciate the seaside scenery. It was also an opportunity for us to illustrate both an old and new Montenegro, through the display of our architecture and embrace of culture. This is most obvious in the untouched natural aspect of our surroundings, and by emphasising our desire for sustainability and longevity in addition to creating a relationship with music, as “ it is a language everyone speaks ” as said by Milos.

It is with great joy that we reflect on this eventful summer as we are working hard, at creating a community fit for individuals who support our ethical, cultural and creative values, themes that we aim to represent in each of our events, and the events that we promote!


We would like to take this opportunity to express how proud we are for the successful events these past few months and extend a big thank you to all those who made these events possible, and to all those who attended. Thank you all for making this another memorable summer at Luštica Bay!

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