Tivat’s Latest Hotspot: The Black Sheep

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 15 Feb, 2016

Montenegro welcomed its first gastropub of late, and rumours are rife that The Black Sheep, situated in the beautiful Montenegrin coastal town of Tivat, is already making a huge name for itself, taking the restaurant and bar scene by storm.

We’ve been lucky enough to chat with   Damir ,   Zdravko   and   Vlado , the owners behind this exciting venture, Montenegro’s very first gastropub, and strongly advise you to visit should you be passing through, if only for one of their signature ‘boilermaker’ cocktails.

How did The Black Sheep come about?
When we saw the venue for the first time, we knew the direction we wanted to head in. The space had great potential both as a pub and a restaurant. We wanted to create a social venue where people can meet and spend time together, and as a result, combined the two and created a gastropub.

The concept is not particularly well known in Montenegro, let alone Tivat, so it was interesting for us to go for something completely new. We wanted to create a space with a cosy atmosphere, good drinks and of course, delicious food.

As Montenegro’s first gastropub, do you envisage The Black Sheep changing the country’s restaurant/pub scene?
To begin with, we wanted to offer something entirely new to Tivat. It’s encouraging to think that we could envisage changing the scene, but for now we are happy with what we are bringing to the town. The feedback from our guests has been nothing but positive and it seems that so far, we are succeeding in our vision, as many of our customers feel a bar like this was missing in Tivat.

Are there plans for expansion beyond Tivat?
There are some preliminary plans we need to fulfil before we can start thinking of expansion, but who knows? We are very driven and can definitely say that we won’t be slowing down any time soon. We are constantly thinking of ways to better our offering, such as changing the menu every few months and adding new drinks and cocktails.

Does The Black Sheep have a signature cocktail?
Being a pub first and foremost, cocktails are not as popular as beer, but we do have a wide range of inventive cocktails. Popular tipples include the boilermaker, an old-school mix of whiskey and beer. It has many variations, but ours consists of Kozel dark beer and Jameson Irish whiskey.

What cuisine is served at The Black Sheep?
Situated in what is a multicultural location, our approach was to blend different cuisines to satisfy all our customers. If we were to explain the menu to someone, we would say it is a cross between Hard Rock Café and pub food classics, with some added local favourites, of course.

A day in the life of a Black Sheep chef consists of…
Our chefs often start with a morning coffee at the bar before preparation for the day ahead truly begins. The first big rush of customers starts around lunchtime. By early afternoon the chef inspects the kitchen and makes an inventory of groceries needed for the rest of the day. From five o’clock, The Black Sheep becomes a bustling hub for after work drinks, with many staying on for dinner as well. With the drinks flowing, a delectable menu and a number of games on offer, the time flies!

Is there a live music and events scene at The Black Sheep?
We have live music at least once a week, as Tivat lacked this sort of thing. We are constantly working with younger bands, or those just starting out, so that those who come to The Black Sheep, are being introduced to new music and flavours all the time. Besides live bands, we have DJs playing on themed nights throughout the week: rock nights, disco, mainstream, deep house etc. We try to mix it up a bit, just like we do with everything we offer in our pub.

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All photos were taken by Veri Veroza


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