Traditional Dishes of Montenegro, What to Eat

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 12 Sep, 2013
Montenegro’s natural resources and location on the Adriatic has done more than just attract visitors to explore the varied landscape. It has also produced bountiful supplies of fresh fish, meat, vegetables and other tantalising produce, which, cooked using a mixture of traditional methods has put Montenegrin cuisine on the culinary map.
Traditional dishes in Montenegro are the result of both the country’s geographic position and its interesting history. Some would argue that traditional Montenegrin cooking has a slight Italian flair which can be seen in the way meats are cured, bread is baked, cheese is made and not forgetting spirits brewed. Flavours from Turkey, Serbia and Croatia have also influenced the country’s cuisine.

Traditional Dishes

Although Montenegrin specialities vary according to region there are some key traditional dishes to try, perhaps one of the better-known being,  Kacamak . Kacamak is a weighty dish consisting of mashed potatoes, wheat and corn flour, served with cheese and milk, and is a popular dish among Montenegrins. It is seen as a great source of energy and the perfect sustenance for a long day exploring the country.

Aside from its key traditional dishes, Montenegro is also famous for its prosciutto, known locally as  Njeguški Pršut  and its cheese, Njeguški Sir. Both of these products come from the village of Njeguški, which is known as the birthplace of the Montenegro’s Royal dynasty. This prosciutto has a dry consistency and is a rich red in colour.

Sweat Treats

When it comes to sweet delights, one of Montenegro’s better known dishes is  Priganice . These small airy doughnuts are prepared with flour, water, oil, salt and sugar and are traditionally served with honey, but Priganice can also be enjoyed as savoury dish.

Recipes and Ideas

For the culinary-minded why not try your hand at some  Montenegrin cooking ? Alternatively for those looking for something a little simpler, make sure you read  our guide to Montenegro’s best restaurants .

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