Travelling to and through Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 20 Nov, 2013

As a blossoming destination we’re used to people querying how to get here, now however thanks to the news that  Ryan Air is extending its routes across Europe , and reports that connections to all airports are being improved, travelling to Montenegro has never been simpler. Covering just 14,000 km2, Montenegro is also pretty easy to explore once you’ve arrived. To put the size of the country into context, you could comfortably drive from border to border in a day, during which time you would take in an abundance of natural beauty.

Flying to Montenegro from other countries within Europe is simple, there are  two airports Tivat and Podgorica , although remember this is Montenegro, so don’t arrive early expecting multiple lounges and 5* shopping. Other options include flying into neighbouring Dubrovnik, in Croatia, and driving across the border, this is very easy and it’s only a short distance before you’re in Montenegro and hitting the coastal roads. Tip, if driving always opt for the bay road, you’ll understand what we mean when you get here!
Once you’ve arrived there are several transport options, hiring a car is always great and it means you get to go  off piste  as it were, however, another popular choice, and one described as the “ backbone”  of Montenegro is the  railway system . With direct trains from Serbia, Montenegro’s next door neighbour, it makes it possible to cover a lot of ground during a short break, providing a real sense of adventure and a real taste of the traveller lifestyle. Should driving be your preferred way to travel, you will find car hire stands in the airport once you arrive, including known suppliers  Europcar  and  Sixt , note they drive on the right so those travelling from the UK take care.

Gaining a reputation as  the  bucket list destination, Montenegro is an exciting and vibrant country to explore, crammed with hidden heritage and culture. The best towns to stay in and to explore from are  Kotor  and Budva. Note, it’s worthing keeping an eye towards the south, where new hospitality and  real estate destination Luštica Bay  is being born. The home of active living, it will create the ideal base camp, it’s also blessed with access to one of Montenegro’s best beaches.

Top tips: where to  stay , where to  eat  and what to  do

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