Why is September the best month for summer vacation

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 06 Sep, 2017

Summer season is not over yet!

Most tourists that choose Montenegro as a vacation spot, usually visit our country during the summer months. However, the best kept secret of coastal Montenegro is that the perfect month for a vacation is September.

Less crowd

In September, there are fewer tourists than during the summer months, which means beaches are less crowded. Anyone searching to experience the true meaning of relaxation and enjoyment will cherish each moment spent relaxing by the sea  without endless quest of a free spot for your towel.

Perfect sailing

Without speedboats and jet skis to annoy you, sailing is just perfect for this time of the year. Gentle winds of September and vast space of Adriatic Sea, will give you memories that you will cherish forever.


During September, nothing will obstruct your views of beautiful Boka Bay, or the nearby mountains that are equally breathtaking. Take your time, enjoy the views, memorize them and take them with you.

Perfect days

Unlike the summer season, temperatures in September are just perfect. During the day, weather is great for a relaxing time by the beach, while night temperatures will ensure you have the best sleep you had in years!

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