Your Winter Getaway in Montenegro

  • By Luštica Bay
  • 11 Dec, 2017

Planning a winter vacation in Montenegro? These are the best spots for you! 

Whenever you hear about Montenegro, historical towns and beautiful Mediterranean beaches instantly come to mind! With summer temperatures averaging at 27°C (81°F), it’s hard to imagine this sizzling coastal destination in any other light, but unlike many tropical destinations, Montenegro has wow-factor versatility. Boasting snow-capped mountains for the months of November-March, this Adriatic gem will provide you with the perfect laid-back winter experience.

If you’ve been bitten by the history bug and yearn for some insight into times past and present, you will find hidden stories woven in the architecture and atmosphere of Kotor this winter. With a plethora of cafes and curved cobbled bends, you can enjoy peaceful walks through the city with loved ones in the crisp winter air and the unmissable annual winter carnival, where you can immerse yourself in Montenegrin culture. With traditional dance displayed, delicious food and wine, the Kotor carnival in February gives you the chance to experience history in a genuine and vibrant way.

But Kotor isn’t the only place you can lap up tradition and culture in this beautiful country. Act like a native and head inland to the towns of Cetinje and Niksic, where local beers and cheese are popular choices at restaurants, or perhaps enjoy a glass of plumb-based rakija.

Looking for some quality family time? The Montenegrin mountains are home to a number of family friendly activities. Found in a secluded spot between Niksic and Danilovgrad, the Ostrog Monastery gives visitors insight into the religious heritage and history of this beautiful country. Alternatively, the most popular ski resort in Montenegro, Kolašin 1450, might appeal- where visitors can experience mountain cabin-living and traditional warm meals. There are also a few ski fields in Žabljak, which provide families with a vista of natural beauty and chances to show-off snowboarding and skiing skills on and off-piste.

Need to warm up? One of the more popular spots in the summer, which maintains its beauty during the winter, is Budva. The old town is surrounded by a Riviera and quaint beaches, which offer unique activities. Visiting Budva during the winter will not only allow you to appreciate the coastal beauty in another light but also avoid the summer crowds. We recommend a wander through Miločer Forest and spending time at the Citadel, to get a holistic understanding of the town’s history and beautiful scenery.

With no shortage of fun and activities, a winter getaway in Montenegro will certainly be one to remember, with an amazing mix of snow, sun and a chance to make some memories!

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